panoramic view of a modern bathroom with washbasin and bathtub

Some Space Saving Bathroom Design Ideas

If you find that your bathroom is a bit too busy for your liking, there are a few different things you can do to make sure that you have more space.

1. Use The Inside Of Your Cupboards

If you have a small cupboard, you can put containers on the inside of the door, either by using something like Command hooks or using specially made baskets that hang on the door. This allows you to put more items into your cabinets, rather than having to have them everything on your counters. This will make your bathroom seem much larger and may help you feel less overwhelmed.

2. Install A Vanity Cabinet

If you have a flat mirror, you might want to change it out for a vanity mirror that has a hidden cabinet. This will get a large number of items out of the way, give you more storage space, and give you an excuse to get rid of the gross old mirror you have held onto for years. Consider adding lighting to the new cabinet for some added benefits.

3. Add In A Storage Cart

If you are really hurting for space, a storage cart, such as the Raskog from Ikea can be the answer. These carts are small, keep a low profile, and have three levels that can be used to store both large and small items. They also roll on wheels, making it easy to put them in a closet or out of the way if you need.

4. Hang Your Towels

Whether you choose to use the popular wine rack hack or you just want to hang all of your towels on hooks, this will clear up a large amount of room. This keeps your towels easily accessible, but also makes sure that you aren’t going to be fighting with your linens for space in your bathroom.

5. Get A Slim Cabinet

Many people have a bit of room by the toilet that they don’t quite know what to do with. One option is to pick up a slim cabinet from Ikea or another pre-pack store. Most of the time these will have wooden legs, making sure that they aren’t going to get in the way of cleaning or cause any issues. Some even come with mirrors on the front, making them easier to use.

6. Use Your Shower Rod

Hooks that clip onto your shower rod and allow you to use them for hanging various items are one of the best available products on the market if you find that you simply don’t have room in your shower or bathroom. You can use them on both side if you want, being careful not to put too much weight on them, to ensure that you are able to fit everything that you need.

Other methods to save space include going through everything that you have and packing away any doubles or anything that you don’t need, investing in stacking containers that will allow you to sort your items, or re-doing your bathroom completely with a renovator like WA Assett to include built-in storage space.