Rendering Sydney- Why render your home

There are many benefits of rendering a home. From insulating a home to enhancing its aesthetic appeal, rendering has its own set of advantages. While there are other options used to achieve these same benefits like tiling and weather boarding. However, rendering is the most popular of all these options.

What is rendering?

Render is like a plaster finish which is used to coat the external walls of a home. This gives the walls a smooth finish and also helps protect the brick structure from the elements. Usually two or three coats of render are applied to prevent cracking in the structure.

Renders are of the following types:

  • Cement rendering. The most common type of rendering option and the most economical one as well. Cement renders are applied on site and mixed on site as well. These cement renders need to be painted every two or three years to maintain the finishing of the exterior wall.
  • Polymer rendering. The polymer render is pre mixed and then applied to the walls. There are a great many color options available for polymer rendering.
  • Lime rendering was quite popular in the past but in the recent years has become popular again with home owners. It is considered to be better than cement rendering because lime doesn’t trap moisture. It also lasts longer and doesn’t need to be painted time and again. The only drawback is that lime render can be expensive and difficult to apply.

The benefits of rendering a house

The following are the advantages of rendering the exterior walls.

  • Rendering can insulate the interior space. There are acrylic insulated renders available which can help save energy costs by at least 30%. This is a great way of increasing the energy efficiency of the home and saving up on utility bills. Consider rendering as a one-time investment which would give great return on investment.
  • Rendering can also protect the walls from the elements. No matter what kind of weather it is, the walls can stay looking as good as new because these are covered by a protective layer.
  • Rendering also improves the aesthetic value of a home.

After reading all these benefits, organise a cement rendering company with the right equipment, personnel and experience to work on your home.