Tan woman applying sun protection lotion

Protecting Yourself From The Sun When Gardening

Gardening is one of the pastimes that can make you feel useful. If you love to take care of your plants out in the garden then you need to protect your skin from extreme sun exposure. Too much exposure from the sun can cause sunburns and irritate your skin. Here are some ways to stay safe when gardening.

Get a Skin Check

First things first – you may have already done damage to your skin resulting in potential skin cancers. Make sure you get a professional skin checkup to make sure you’re still all clear, and remember to follow up with repeat visits regularly, especially as you get older. Clinics such as https://myskincentre.com.au/service/skin-check/ are great for this.

Wide- Brimmed Hat And Sunglasses

If you are thinking of gardening when the sun is very hot, then consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat and some sunglasses. These will prevent you from getting burnt by the hot sun. Ensure that the hat has enough shade so that your entire face and the upper chest are protected. The sunglasses also protect your eyes from the intense sun rays.

Long-Sleeved Clothing And Gloves Are Your Friends

Do not go out to the garden with short sleeves. Choose clothing that will cover your arms properly. You should also consider long gardening gloves. These will not only protect you from any thorny plants but from the sun as well. You should choose clothing that is not too hot because once you start sweating you will be tempted to remove the clothing thereby exposing your arms.

Sunscreen Is Important

Do not assume you will be safe from the sun because you have clothing to cover your exposed body parts. It is also important to get adequate sunscreen on the parts that will be covered less. Ensure that you get the sunscreen that has the highest rate of UV ray protection. If you are going to spend a long time in the garden especially during the hours when the sun is intense, ask a dermatologist to prescribe any good sunscreen creams.

Wear Light-coloured Clothes

Dark clothes tend to absorb more heat than light-coloured ones. You should look for loose light-coloured clothes when doing gardening. You should also opt for cotton or linen. These materials are known to absorb less heat than other types of fabrics.

Rest Under Shady Trees

It is advisable to start gardening in the early hours of the morning when the sun is not too hot. During this time, ensure that you take care of the plants that are exposed and are far from any shade. As the sun gets hotter, you will be able to avoid getting too much sun on your skin by resting under shady trees. If there are still plants left out in the open sun by the time the sun gets hotter, it would be best to work on them in the evening.

Take Breaks

If you have a lot of gardening to do, it may take more than a few hours in the early morning to get to them all. You should work in small portions while taking breaks and cooling your body with a glass of cold lemonade. After each break, you will find that you are more refreshed. If the sun is too hot, consider doing the gardening over several days in the morning and evening so that you can limit your exposure to the sun.…